"I will definitely recommend you to any expectant couples we come across in the future. Not only do you provide a library of birthing and postpartum resources to read or watch or purchase from, but you possess an encyclopedic knowledge that is evident in your wonderful class.

I really like the clarity you provide about evidence-based practices, as well as your open-mindedness and acknowledgement of many emerging or promising practices. Also, I think we agree that is important to respect the expertise of clinicians but also realize their limitations. There is an enormous amount expertise outside of hospital and clinic walls, and it can be life-changing if we are open to it and realistic.

I learned so much and FEEL so much better as well. Your infectious enthusiasm and demystification of the birthing process and early parenting helped to decrease my anxiety and increase my anticipation. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, kind person, and important resource.

Please keep doing what you do—it’s a pretty important thing! It’s hard to believe anyone does it better.”