Anthony E.

"This class was fantastic providing a wealth of useful information on a variety of topics and expert advice based on research. There was information provided for many types of birthing making it appealing to just about anyone. A great deal of advice was given to partners and how we can help with the process which was a wonderful contrast to female friends I have talked to who just went on rants about how men know nothing about birth and babies and are useless in the process (really discouraging for an expecting father to hear). On a personal note the course provided tremendous comfort to me and my wife who have had 3 miscarriages. Usually I am the type to read tons of books on something such as this in preparations but given the false starts we had it has been really hard to accept this time that everything is going to be ok so preparing has been difficult but this class presented the material in such a way that it was that made us feel safe and prepared without being intimidated. In addition, as a teacher myself I was extremely impressed with how Lisa communicates the information very clearly and makes it engaging for long periods of time even with my general attention problems. Thanks again for a wonderful class."