Monica & Justin

"My husband and I feel so much more relaxed, educated, and prepared for our birth now after Lisa's 3 day intensive class. We also feel like we know the right questions to ask during the process of laboring. The amount of information that was given to us not only by lecture, hands on, video, a library of online resources and a book amount of material to always be able to refer back to in time of need is really amazing. I was referred to this class by another woman, and it was worth every dollar spent.  Many couples came from not only Queens, but also Brooklyn and Manhattan to take her class. I also really loved the intimate environment in her home. It was much nicer than being in a corporate setting."

- Monica and Justin T.

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Haley & Will

"Lisa is a wonderful, personable, and knowledgeable instructor. My husband and I got so much out of her birth class and felt very prepared when the time came to deliver our baby girl. She was extremely thorough in her teaching and made it a point to go over and answer any and every question we had. I would highly recommend her class! Additionally, Lisa was a fabulous doula! We could not have made it through my labor and delivery without her help. She was very encouraging and supportive and truly helped make the day even more special and memorable. Thank you so very much, Lisa, for all you did for us!! We are forever grateful!"

- Haley & Will C.

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"Lisa's course is incredible! There is so much my husband and I never expected to learn surrounding giving birth to our first child and the first several days of our newborn's life. Lisa equipped us with a plethora of resources that we can continually refer to as we finish up our last few weeks of pregnancy and launch into parenthood. Especially lovely was that the classes are located in her home in our neighborhood. This allowed us to connect with many other first time parents who are in the area.
Thank you, Lisa!"

- Kate V.


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Joanna & Ariel

"We found your class to be invaluable and have been telling everyone about it! Thank you for all of your help making us feel like active, educated participants in our birthing process." - Joanna M. & Ariel E.

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Zennea & Myke

"Myke and I were discussing how your class gave us just the right amount of tools we needed for every situation we faced and not only helped us both get through each and every contraction but also helped us to make educated decisions at each turn. Myke definitely gained the confidence he needed to be an amazing birth partner from your class." - Zennea C.

"Thank you very much for all your advice and help...a great overall learning experience! Lisa is a great teacher!"
- Myke C.

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"I took Lisa's 5-week comprehensive series back in the fall and thought it was one of the best decisions I made in preparing for birth. My husband and I learned so much from Lisa. During labor, we were able to ask questions and make certain specific requests to help make my labor align more with our wishes. Had a great labor experience!! Bonus... the newborn care class got us through the first 6 weeks - no joke!! I gave birth the day after that particular class and quickly put into practice what we learned. Couldn't have survived the first couple of weeks without her!! (... well, couldn't have survived as 'easily' as we did)." - Sol M.

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Becky & Steve

"We had a wonderful experience with Lisa as our doula and were so thankful to have her during our daughter's birth. We felt immediately at ease when we first met with Lisa and she was a tremendous support during labor. She has such a warmth and gentleness to her, but is also energetic and out-going, which made us even more confident in her abilities apart from her excellent credentials. We could not have been more pleased with having Lisa as our doula." - Steve & Becky M.

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"Thanks so much for your class. I felt so prepared and confident going into the birth, never even questioned wanting drugs. I feel so proud and empowered that I did it unmedicated, couldn't of wished for a better experience!" - Charity M.

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Lise & Juan

"I loved Lisa's class! She really put into perspective a lot of things and made a lot clear that wasn't for me before. I found it very informative and feel like I can go into labor feeling armed with knowledge of the facts. Highly recommend!" - Lise L. & Juan V.

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"I highly recommend Lisa's class. She helped to put my husband and me at ease about the entire birthing process and instilled a sense of confidence in us that we could, in fact, have the natural birth that we wanted. I also loved the informal nature of the classes, which allowed discussion and gave us the chance to get to know other expecting parents in our neighborhood. The all-inclusive nature of the class, which includes breast feeding and newborn care, was also a great value. We couldn't recommend Lisa more highly!" - Natalie C.

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Sachie & Derek

"Class was incredible! Really exceeded my expectation for this price, or at any price for that matter. Lisa is very knowledgeable and makes the class fun. We are very grateful to have a teacher like this in our neighborhood." - Derek & Sachie

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Teresa & Diego

"After having a less than optimal in-hospital birthing experience with our first child, we very much wanted to experience a home birth for our second child. Lisa’s own experiences with home birth, in addition to her formal training as a doula, made her an excellent fit to our goals and personalities. Lisa is highly knowledgeable, attentive, respectful and exceptionally supportive. We had several family members and professionals present at our home birth and Lisa created a collaborative relationship with each member present and fostered a conducive birthing environment. We are extremely thankful for her assistance in helping us achieve a very special home birth." - Diego C. & Teresa B.

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Katy & Kristian

"We are so thankful for you and the amazing role you played in our lives!" - Katy (mom)

"Lisa Taylor has my full, official endorsement as a doula - she was great. If the baby had been a girl, we might have named it after her."

"Thanks for your help...we're so glad to have had you there with us. Couldn't have done it without you." - Kristian (dad)

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"Lisa was an excellent teacher, gave a very comprehensive review that kept me engaged in every class. I feel so much more prepared for our labor, birth and newborn and ready to take on the roles of labor support and being a dad. Thank you, Lisa!" - Nate F.

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Jess & Sergio

"We absolutely enjoyed working with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable on this topic and answered all our questions/concerns. Lisa demonstrates her passion for this work with her friendliness and experiences. She is easy to talk to and was able to work with our crazy schedules, which we greatly appreciate. I will definitely recommend her to others!" - Jess & Sergio

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Rachael & Chris

"Lisa is a knowledgable and caring professional who makes this exciting and mysterious time for first-time parents more manageable with her expertise and tips for before, during, and after labor." - Rachael & Chris

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"Lisa's wealth of knowledge and experience, delivered through clear and kind instruction, has given us the preparation and encouragement we needed to deal with a hospital delivery in NYC. A fabulous course, I cannot recommend enough to expecting parents." - Peter

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"Even after reading a lot of the theory in books, I found Lisa's class was invaluable for us. We learned so many practical tips on achieving natural birth in a hospital setting and got to practice and really talk through some of the really critical aspects of not only the birthing process but also newborn care. It's especially great for couples as men generally won't read the books! :-) It was really nice to have a weekly practice with two other lovely couples we made friends and share our pregnancy experiences as well. Spreading it over time we got to absorb a lot much better than in the usual doctor facilitated half day sessions. It was a little like out pre-wedding dance practice, a wonderful period of prep time spent together. The setting in Lisa's home is so welcoming and comfortable and Lisa is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and just such a pleasure to spend time with. She is also very generous with providing various resources and contacts for other specialists. We just finished our class and we miss our weekly get-togethers already!" - Michaela G.

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