“Lisa offers a WEALTH of information. As expecting new parents, we are excited, scared, clueless, and open to learning. This class was perfect! We enjoyed the class size and the welcoming atmosphere. Lisa made us feel as though no question was too dumb to ask and she is extremely genuine and non judgmental. The class was also super inclusive addressing people of color and men/partners. Another thing that really impressed me was that she continues to educate herself and is very involved in the birth community making her aware of the latest trends and outdated practices. Totally worth the investment!”

- Aleigha D.

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"I will definitely recommend you to any expectant couples we come across in the future. Not only do you provide a library of birthing and postpartum resources to read or watch or purchase from, but you possess an encyclopedic knowledge that is evident in your wonderful class.

I really like the clarity you provide about evidence-based practices, as well as your open-mindedness and acknowledgement of many emerging or promising practices. Also, I think we agree that is important to respect the expertise of clinicians but also realize their limitations. There is an enormous amount expertise outside of hospital and clinic walls, and it can be life-changing if we are open to it and realistic.

I learned so much and FEEL so much better as well. Your infectious enthusiasm and demystification of the birthing process and early parenting helped to decrease my anxiety and increase my anticipation. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, kind person, and important resource.

Please keep doing what you do--it's a pretty important thing! It's hard to believe anyone does it better.”

- Tom

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Nora & Kevin

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you taught us and prepared us for. We cannot imagine going through what we went through without having gone through your course. You prepared us wonderfully for the many unexpected/uncontrollable variables of birth, delivery, and parenting! Thank you! The hospital staff was surprised how prepared/informed we were."

- Kevin & Nora

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Amanda & Emmanuel

"The last item on our baby prep to-do list was to take a birth class to give us the confidence for our home birth. We could not have chosen a better childbirth educator! Lisa was warm and welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable on all things related to birth, post-partum, and new born care. This class was excellent to take as a couple as I felt my husband received acknowledgement and support throughout the course. He is so confident and prepared to be active during the birth of our son. I have already recommended this class to my expectant friends!" 

- Amanda & Emmanuel

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"Lisa's class was warm, welcoming, and incredibly informative. Her knowledge and experience surpassed my expectations around childbirth and labor, especially on how to navigate the hospital experience. I felt myself engaged and taking notes throughout the entire class."

- Joyce

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"Lisa's class gave us so much more confidence going into the hospital. My baby was 8 days late and I had to be induced, but understanding all the options and typical cause-and-effect of certain procedures we were able to not have an epidural or c-section. I don't think I would have been able to make it through the delivery without having all that knowledge from her class."

- Amanda W.

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Leah & John

"Lisa was super welcoming, warm and informative. The classes are paced perfectly yet chock full of an incredible amount of information. We went in feeling "okay" about what we knew, but left feeling like we'd earned a diploma. Just an all around positive and amazing experience. Thank you!"

- Leah B. & John S.

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Sabine & Malikee

"Lisa is extremely knowledgable and her Texas charm is such a pleasure to be around! These classes were invaluable to us and we have learned so much. Thank you Lisa!"

- Sabine & Malikee

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"This class was fantastic providing a wealth of useful information on a variety of topics and expert advice based on research. There was information provided for many types of birthing making it appealing to just about anyone. A great deal of advice was given to partners and how we can help with the process which was a wonderful contrast to female friends I have talked to who just went on rants about how men know nothing about birth and babies and are useless in the process (really discouraging for an expecting father to hear). On a personal note the course provided tremendous comfort to me and my wife who have had 3 miscarriages. Usually I am the type to read tons of books on something such as this in preparations but given the false starts we had it has been really hard to accept this time that everything is going to be ok so preparing has been difficult but this class presented the material in such a way that it was that made us feel safe and prepared without being intimidated. In addition, as a teacher myself I was extremely impressed with how Lisa communicates the information very clearly and makes it engaging for long periods of time even with my general attention problems. Thanks again for a wonderful class."

- Anthony E.

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"I highly recommend this class for parents who are unsure and uneducated about labor and postpartum. I learned a ton of new information and had plenty of time to go over any and all questions my partner and I had as well as the rest of the class. Lisa is engaging and very knowledgable!"

- James B.

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"I really enjoyed the classes. I feel such a connection to the instructor, Lisa. She was like a sweet nurturing mama to us new parents-to-be, guiding us on this huge and overwhelming topic of birth and becoming parents. The class was hugely helpful and educational. I learned so much that I didn't know I needed to know. I wish everyone would get the opportunity to learn this information. Her home is a very comfortable environment - everything was perfect, the temperature, the seats, the food, the coffee and tea... I wouldn't have changed anything.

We want to thank you for having such an informative class that prepared us for all the what ifs and gave us the knowledge to make ourselves more prepared. Jasper and I feel grateful to really are doing work that gives back to people and society in such a positive way...We could tell you really love what you do and that in itself was wonderful to see at class."

- Sarah H., Labor & Delivery Nurse and 1st time expectant parent 

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Patty & Jasper

"We want to thank you for having such an informative class that prepared us for all the what ifs and gave us the knowledge to make ourselves more prepared. Jasper and I feel grateful to really are doing work that gives back to people and society in such a positive way...We could tell you really love what you do and that in itself was wonderful to see at class."

- Patty & Jasper

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Deric & Victoria

"We loved Lisa's class! My wife is physician who has experience with babies and I started the class a clueless soon-to-be father. We both learned a ton practical and empowering information that makes both of us more confident as first-time parents. It was also great to connect with other soon-to-be parents in the class. We highly recommend."

- Deric & Victoria

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"I really didn't know how little I knew about the whole labor process until I took this class. Going in I had a very abstract idea of what it would be like, mostly the Hollywood clichés. Having taken this class, not only do I feel that I have a very realistic grasp on what to expect, I feel confident in being the best partner I can be for my wife going into it. Lisa is super friendly, super welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable. This class was well worth the investment and I highly recommend it for any expecting parent!" 

- Sean D.

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